Oxford Newspeak: ‘Traffic Filters’ Sounds Better than ‘Climate Lockdowns’

Oxford council calls people who are concerned about restrictions on our freedom of movement, surveillance, and data collection—guess what—conspiracy theorists. They have also renamed the ‘climate lockdowns’ and now call them ‘traffic filters’, because it sounds better. Ironically, in their attempt to calm everyone down, they confirm the very concerns mentioned above. Oxford council is certainly good at using Newspeak to mislead and manipulate the public.

“The traffic filters are not physical barriers of any kind and will not be physical road closures. They are simply traffic cameras that can read number plates.

“If a vehicle passes through the filter at certain times of the day, the camera will read the number plate and (if you do not have an exemption or a residents’ permit) you will receive a fine in the post. (source: Oxford Mail)

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