Updated Flyers

We have updated our leaflets for distribution! They now contain additional information about the covid “vaccination” and the vaccination certificate. You can print out single A4 sheets or sheets with two of the same text on them which you can cut in half for a wider distribution. Please visit this page to download and print

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The Freedom Book Now Available

Our Freedom Book is now available! The anthology contains over 50 poems, short stories and essays from 36 authors of various backgrounds. Some reactions to the book: I had a lot of fun writing, and I’ve really enjoyed reading through the different poems and stories this weekend. (S.G.) …an excellent read with lots of great

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Jab Deaths in Irish Care Homes

If you scale up this graph for the UK population, about 20x for that age cohort, that would equal about 10,000 extra deaths of old people due to adverse response and increased health stress due to vaccination. (Spotted on the Lockdown Sceptics’ forum)  

Vaccine Passports Are the Gateway to the Most Radical Slavery the World Has Ever Seen

The Conservative Woman has published an article exposing the psychological abuse on society which will occur with a vaccine pass and all the restrictions connected with it. “Like accepting being forced to wear a government mandated gimp mask, for no reason whatsoever, a person accepting vaccination implicitly accepts the terms of the new normal. At

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Severe Vaccine Side Effects Will Begin to Show After a Year – Watch Video about SPARS 2025-2028 Document

Shocking “Pandemic exercise” proves that covid is and was staged. This is all about the mass killing of people by means of a so-called vaccine which turns out to be deadly. View the SPARS Pandemic Scenario book below – share this far and wide. SPARS Pandemic Scenario Focus area: Emerging Infectious Diseases and Epidemics SPARS

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Nazi Style Forced Vaccination

No rights for the disabled? Looks like the depopulation programme is now being enforced. Top on the list are the elderly, vulnerable and disabled. View the video below. Read more about vaccinating the disabled and homeless in this article: https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/horrific-video-shows-police-force-vaccinating-disabled-and-special-needs-people Biden’s America is starting to look like nazi Germany. pic.twitter.com/pdJL7cVlIL — Art TakingBack 🇺🇸 (@ArtValley818_)

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