Passionate Message from Vancouver Man – Trucker Rebellion Canada

“We will build back better, but not the globalist Klaus Schwab nonsense…”

Cities across Canada join the movement (JustinCredibleTV/YT)

I made this Freedom Convoy Canada 2022 compilation music video as an homage to the truckers out there in Canada and in the World fighting for our Rights and Freedom right now in their journey to Ottawa.” (MaximumDiver/YT)

Freedom Convoy 2022 Truckers Today in Toronto GTA Highway 400 and Highway 401 (28/01/2022, NewRoad Adventures/YT)

“ Canadians are done with mandatory vaccines. I am Canadian, our shelves are going empty. These vaccines are killing people! Crimes against humanity… Trudeau has shut down Facebook posts about trucker convoy posts. Trudea has put vaccine clinics in Canadian schools. Canadians have pulled their kids out of schools. Canadians are being force boosters to those even with pre-existing heart conditions ! And children aged 5-11 are being targeted. Toronto clinic was giving 6 doese per 1 shot. Canadian hospitals are empty. Canadians have been cut off emergency money (CRB/GIS). Canadians cannot acces emergency funds. Canadians in ontario are in a lockdown. Canadians are SOS!” (RedPillWorld/Bitchute)

Freedom Convoy, Ontario (Tireroaster’s Garage/YT):

Trudeau runs from 100,0000 Trucker Convoy (Hugo Talk/YT)

Biden and Trudeau Go Missing