Patrick King took on the Covid Hoax Government in Alberta, and Won

Patrick King, a Canadian father and protester was taken to court in Alberta, Canada with a 1,200 Dollar fine for breaking covid restrictions. As part of his defence he asked for proof that the covid virus actually exists. The prosecution and medical authorities could not supply physical proof that the virus exists. It has never been isolated.

Alberta is now going to open up and to end all tyrannical covid mandates, including mask mandates in schools and elsewhere.

Alberta to phase out ‘extraordinary’ covid-19 measures like testing, masking, quarantines

Phase one of the pull-back began July 29, and phase two will start August 16.

“As we have always done, we need to weigh the direct impacts of covid-19 against the indirect impacts that come from our interventions,” Hinshaw said.

As reported by Canada’s CBC News, under phase one covid testing for asymptomatic people will no longer be advised though testing will remain available for those with symptoms. Those who do test positive for the virus will be informed and directed to self-isolate, but their close contacts will not be under quarantine orders except in specific high-risk settings.

On August 16 the changes will be more significant, including a lifting of most mandatory masking requirements and the removal of the requirement for any Albertan who tests positive for the virus to self-isolate. Alberta’s quarantine hotels will close.

The pull-back marks a shift in policy and something of a “return to normal” for Albertans.

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