People Have the Power to Reject Government Interventions

By Ray Wilson

It was a late September Sunday morning in Raymond’s Hill, and the sun was shining. Boris Johnson announces England’s 2021 winter “Plan B.” It’s to be implemented if the NHS comes under “unsustainable pressure” and includes measures such as face masks. My wife and I are on a motorcycle tour and are relaxing in the rolling hills of Dorset. Uplyme is just down the road, and beyond that is the iconic town of Lyme Regis.

Today, however, we decide to head towards Bridport. We park the motorcycle and wander into Mountfield Gardens, where a Stand in the Park is underway. Lewis introduces us to everyone there; it’s an impressive entourage, and the numbers keep growing. We are fresh from a massive protest in London, and everyone is keen to hear the latest news. The morning passes so quickly when you are among friends. The atmosphere is charged with excitement and camaraderie as people share stories and experiences from the protest. The beautiful surroundings of Mountfield Gardens provide a peaceful backdrop to the lively conversations and discussions taking place.

We are invited to attend a meeting that very afternoon on the beach near Seatown. It is amazing how resourceful people are, and it is so refreshing to hear about current projects. We talked about parallel food systems, health systems, and means of trade. The harsh reality for many was the illogical sanctions, which on their own were a reason not to obey the dictates. One woman explained how, not long after her partner received his first jab, he fundamentally changed. He seemed possessed by a malign spirit; his nature became uncaring, strangely cold, and distant. He was acting differently, as if his thought processes had been modified. It was like some bizarre mind control. Whatever she tried to do to bring him back failed. She was convinced that it was a neurotoxin in the jab. As we walked along the beach, other members joined us until we reached a pleasant spot and sat down. There were about 30 of us out of a group of 100.

Another lady explained that her partner was not on the same page, let’s say, as her. He interjected to explain that at first he was simply unable to accept the enormity of the things she was telling him. He listened to all the arguments. She hoped that by spending time in nature and with supportive friends, they could work through their differences. None of us wants to acknowledge the depth of the evil perpetrating this deception. In many ways, it is easier to pretend everything is as it always was. The trick was always getting us to believe that we are free, that we live in a democracy, and that we make our own decisions. We live in a prison, but we can only now see the faint outlines of the bars. More than ever since COVID, this is becoming more and more obvious.

Others talked about how corrosive their family situations had become since the first lockdown. Some mentioned that switching off the television changed their outlook. How some had taken the “jab” not to lose friends or go on holiday with family, or the inhuman threat of losing their jobs if they refused it. Some spoke softly about suicide and extreme loneliness. The fear of losing relationships with husbands, wives, sons, and daughters—relationships shattered and irreconcilable There were many examples that highlighted the emotional toll that the orchestrated deployment of fear and its associated measures took on individuals. Some felt Netflix subliminally promoted a satanic agenda. It is, of course, a go to streaming service that offers a wide range of content. Many, having ditched the BBC, sought such alternatives. Lockdown certainly encouraged binge-watching, unhealthy eating, drinking, and solitude.

Some of the group swam; others shared picnics; it was a magical afternoon. The group members were grateful for the opportunity to escape their stressful lives and enjoy the beauty of nature. They found solace in each other’s company and the peaceful surroundings, which helped them heal and grow stronger together. It became obvious that this was a talented group that, collectively, could resist big government. Indeed, self-sufficient groups are exactly what the globalist elites fear most.
My wife spoke with a woman who was trained in the use of bio resonance using a type of medical equipment that uses the technology to diagnose health conditions. Bio resonance is a non-invasive method of detecting imbalances in the body’s energy field. It can provide information about the health status of organs, tissues, and cells. The machine analyses the electromagnetic waves of the body and compares them to a database of healthy wave patterns.

A gentleman was talking about how hydroponic gardens have several advantages over traditional soil-based gardening. It uses less water because the nutrient solution can be recirculated. They also use less space, as the plants can be grown vertically in stacked containers, making them ideal for urban or indoor gardening. He told me guerilla gardening could transform desolate, neglected urban areas into food-producing environments. It’s a way to grow vegetables and fruit, beautify the environment, and provide fresh produce for local communities.

People have the power to reject government interventions, to be strong, and to reject fear. Some of the members had faced both physical and mental abuse. This was primarily because of their stance against the COVID tyranny. From a “stand in the park,”, a powerful community had grown. Face to face discussion, learning from the experience of others This community has become a safe space for those who feel unheard and marginalised by the government’s response to the “plandemic”. Through their shared experiences, they have found strength and solidarity in standing up for their beliefs and rejecting the fear tactics used to control them. The answer is obvious; in this group, for instance, there were builders, electricians, health professionals, solicitors, teachers, gardeners, and even a microbrewer. What else could you possibly need? When there is no fear, everything is possible. Some were already homeschooling their children. Their diverse backgrounds and professions only strengthened their resolve to resist oppression and fight for a better future. They were a true representation of the power of unity and the potential for positive change when people come together.

We left for London a couple of days later. We were determined to incorporate the things we had learned into our own lives. We gradually discovered people in our neighbourhood who shared our beliefs; there were, of course, many who did not. We formed connections with microbusinesses, farm shops, and independent producers. It is incredible how many there are when you start to look. Slowly weaning ourselves off the global supply chain and using local alternatives.

It can seem like a daunting task, but the sooner we start, the better. We need to agree that we must always tell the truth, or at the very least, not lie. Lying by the media, governments, and elite cabals has gotten us into this fine mess. To tell the truth is to bring reality into being. Truth constructs structures that can withstand the test of time. See the truth and tell the truth. I have tried my best to tell the truth, especially these last three years.

As I write this in early March 2023, Matt Hancock’s huge cache of WhatsApp messages is in the public domain. Another distraction tactic, or maybe a release valve, or a way to try to restore some faith in the MSM They may or may not tell us something about him. What we need is a government that serves us, acts in the best interests of the people, and most importantly, is truthful. What about the others—the politicians, media, celebrities, and presenters all pushing the lies? What else are they lying about? What about the depopulation agenda? What about control? The doctors and nurses who failed us and the other ones who were punished for being truthful.

The truth can feed the hungry and curb the psychopathic instincts of elites. I feel guilty because I was unable to warn other members of my family. They simply said, “I have made my decision; I don’t want to talk about it.” I could have tried harder to encourage my brother-in-law to just wait; what’s the rush after all? He cares for his friend and was made to feel he was putting her life at risk if he didn’t comply. Of course, it’s a personal choice, but only if the risks and benefits are truthfully explained.

A nurse, without making an appointment, visited my aunt late one evening to administer the shot, telling her it would protect her. The truth is the ultimate resource, the light in the darkness. We must insist that the truth be told. I look back fondly on the hours we spent chatting on the beach at Seatown. The new friends we met and are in contact with: The elation of being with like-minded people made us feel all things were possible, and they are. What about the high-profile individuals who have called for amnesty? Let’s not forget who they are. They called us “anti-vaxxers, granny killers, tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorists” and called for our imprisonment. “

Sticks and stones can break our bones, but names can never hurt us,” but the harms are legion and the deaths from suicide and “vaccine” damage rise exponentially. Can we have full disclosure? Let’s follow the money; let’s know who brought them. Let’s hold the “fact-checkers” responsible for spouting their misinformation and officially sanctioned lies. Who is paying their wages? At the very least, we could understand their motivation, no matter how misguided. Without the truth, there can be no lasting reconciliation. Not amnesty mired in deceit and lies, not muddying the water—no, that will not help. Only in truth can we build a paradise on earth and live peaceful, productive lives.

Let’s have the truth, the whole truth, and be done with it.

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