People Suffering From Electromagnetic and Radio Frequency Field Immersion

By Paul Ursell

To live your life is not so simple as to cross a field -Russian Proverb

I just heard from my friend, I was worried about. She is electro-sensitive and can’t be anywhere near a mobile phone or Wi-Fi hub without excruciating pain, risk of stroke, risk of heart failure or risk of unconsciousness.

After many years and many examinations, at last the NHS accepted her condition of functional disability. She was in effect a refugee from society; couldn’t work nor socialize and was hindered even from shopping or getting on a bus or train. She was driven out of London and presently is homeless in a tent in someone’s back garden in Somerset.

There are actually quite a number of people like Velma. Many people are suffering without being diagnosed because of medical, institutional and public ignorance. Years ago, Russian doctors who were more diligent than ours, established that 15% of us humans are likely to be immediately disorganized by Electromagnetic and radio frequency field immersion and suffer health detriment along a wide spectrum. Two percent are grievously disturbed and rendered incapable. They can lose their minds.

This was many years ago before mobile phones and Wi-Fi. Radio frequency penetration of the biofield is a factor in escalating cancer rates, heart disease, the diabetes epidemic, autism, diminishing sperm counts, reproductive system disorders, depression and all manner of mental health disorders, as well as dementia, and the fact that old people have long life expectancy without much quality of life.

The radio frequency immersion, on top of ordinary EMF flooding, causes a kind of half life. The person is still alive but their brain neurons, synapses, blood vessels and membranes and brain biochemistry are all so distressed and disordered that the victim suffers slow dissolution and loss of brain capacity. The most marvellous creation of God is turned into sponge and mush.

I have been campaigning for 10-12 years about these matters and found not a single person so far who yet cared for vulnerable people like Velma or for the babies, infants and teenagers being assaulted, poisoned, developmentally hampered and generally injured by the electrical flood.

Nobody has yet cared for the insects, birds and all creatures as well as plants and trees being gradually exterminated by the alien resonances affecting all ecosystems and the total environment. The 5G extension of the matrix is only one more death wave added to the G1, G2, G3 and G4 waves on top of ordinary electro pollution.

This is how bad things are and the low we have to rise from to make any kind of future or tolerable existence for children and future generations.

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A reader’s comment on this article:

I have recently been suffering with tinnitus after (without realising) spending a lot of time near 5G towers where my wife and I go walking. It was OK at first but over a couple of months it has got that I can no longer go there without a massive ring in my head.

Anyway to cut a long story short, I was watching a video with Dr Ardis being interviewed, and he mentioned a protocol he was using for ‘long covid’ and vaccine adverse symptoms and suggested his wife, a non-smoker, who was suffering to take nicotine gum, the protocol is 2 mg x 4 times a day, chew for 10 minutes and then spit out, for three days or until symptoms disappear. The upshot was that as well as her long covid symptoms going, her two decade tinnitus also disappeared!

Mine is now, after 3 days around 70% better.

I know the people you speak of are on a much higher spectrum than myself and Dr Ardis’s wife, but it maybe of some help?

PS: The reason it works according to Dr Brian Ardis, there are receptors in the brain that receive and react to the symptoms of tinnitus, so-called long covid etc. and also nicotine. By exposing these receptors to nicotine in the form of gum the receptors get to prefer the nicotine and then block the other things that it would react to, namely tinnitus, covid etc.