Petition to Expose Climate Change Lies Rejected

The Petitions team have rejected John Willis petition. They didn’t like the sentence ‘going carbon-neutral will be the thing that kills us’… But can the government explain how everyone will survive, when all sorts of things that are part of our daily lives are reduced to zero by 2030/2050—including meat consumption, travelling in petrol driven cars and flying in planes? See this graph set up by our government:

Net Zero 2050 UK


Answer from the Petitions team:

Sorry, we can’t accept the petition you supported – “Tell the truth about climate change.”.

It included confidential, libellous, false, unproven or defamatory information, or a reference to a case where there are active legal proceedings.

We cannot accept petitions that make false or unproven claims. This includes unsubstantiated claims that “going carbon-neutral will be the thing that kills us”. If you are concerned about the Government’s plans to reduce carbon emissions, we have published the following petition, which you might like to sign: Hold a referendum on the 2050 Net Zero target:

We only reject petitions that don’t meet the petition standards:

The Petitions team
UK Government and Parliament

John Willis writes:

First thank you to everyone who signed my petition on climate change. Sadly this was rejected and not only did the government demonize me I was accused of multiple things simply for asking for the truth.

It seems we can no longer complain, have a discussion, or debate without being accused of lies and misinformation unless, of course, you fully agree with the government’s and the media’s own lies and misinformation …

Best Wishes to everyone,

John Willis

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