Petition: Launch a Public Inquiry Into the Approval Process for Covid Vaccines

We want the Government to launch a Public Inquiry to investigate the MHRA’s process for approving covid-19 vaccines.

This should consider all aspects of the approval process, including how approval was expedited and the drivers for expedition, and any potential conflicts of interests.

The MHRA are primarily funded by fees from the pharmaceutical industry.

An expedited rolling review was used to grant temporary authorisations for the use of covid-19 vaccines.

Initial covid-19 vaccines were approved based on efficacy reducing illness from covid-19, whereas bivalent boosters have been approved based on immune response. Moderna Bivalent booster was approved despite lower efficacy than the original vaccine, and Pfizer BA.4-5 booster was approved using BA.1 data.

Public Assessment Reports for bivalent boosters have only been published months after the boosters were approved.

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