Petition – Stop LGBT Indoctrination in Schools

Schools in Scotland are running LGBT clubs alongside ‘gender and sexual orientation alliance groups’ as part of a scheme led by a charity linked to child abuse.

LGBT Youth Scotland, a group connected with two cases of ‘child grooming’ and ‘sexual exploitation’, are going into schools to indoctrinate children paid for by the taxpayer.

Pupils are being asked if they are ‘gay,’ ‘lesbian’ or ‘trans’ and children as young as four years old are being appointed as ‘LGBT champions’.

Schools are forcing children to participate in events like ‘Transgender Day of Remembrance’ without the knowledge or consent of parents.

This isn’t education; it’s indoctrination. Schools are meant to educate and protect children, instead, they are making them more vulnerable to abuse, sexualising them, and exposing them to harmful ideologies.

Read the full text and sign here:

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