‘Reduce the Population to 50% by 2023’ – Pfizer Boss Video Debunked

Pfizer CEO Speaking At The World Economic Forum (ChapStillwater/Rumble):

In the video above Pfizer boss Albert Bourla mentions that one of five goals is to reduce global population by 50 percent by 2023.

Below is a video which debunks the alleged Pfizer CEO statement. It shows first the edited version and then the original. (From The Worldwide Psychological Operation/Odysee):

Even so, it is the globalists’ goal to reduce world population (which explains why they were, and still are, so bent on getting everyone vaccinated against the rebranded flu).

How are they doing it? Deadly vaccines? Induced wars? Released diseases? Abortion, sterilization, ‘euthanasia’?

Who are they targeting? The rich west? Poor African and Asian countries? All countries?

Why are they doing it? Greed (they want more just for themselves)? Delusion (they believe they are helping the planet)? Pure evil (they enjoy killing other humans)?

The Economic Forum is evil at its core. Do you want these psychopaths to decide your future?

Bill Gates and population control Ted talk on population reduction (realdrstella/Rumble):

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