Update on the Pfizer Report

*This article has been updated on 14/03/2022.*

There’s been some misreporting and misinterpretation of the post marketing document from Pfizer of late. The document was released in November 2021, and isn’t part of the new data dump by the FDA. Although it does list a lot of damaging data proving malfeasance, the idea that it lists 1,291 Adverse Reactions is incorrect. The list mentioned [originally in the title of this article] is not a list of side effects. It is a list of events associated historically with vaccinations in general and moderate to severe SARS Cov 2. A large list of factors—some of which are not diseases. These are potential adverse events of special interest. The actual observed side effects are in the main document and are tabulated.

The list of interesting ‘Events’, if associated with the current vaccine, is based on similar interesting data points associated with other vaccinations in the past. For example, the list includes ‘Caesarean Section’ and ‘Coronavirus test’. Obviously, these are not ‘side-effects’, i.e. diseases caused by the jab, nor adverse reactions. It is possible that such events may or may not be associated with the jab, after investigation. A Caesarean, for example, may be something someone requires after having the jab. It’s a surgical operation for a number of reasons. It’s theoretically possible that a jab may have led to a situation where a person may ultimately require a Caesarean – for example, foetal distress. Someone may have required a cv test if they suspected the jab didn’t prevent cv, for example. But again, these cannot be classified as ‘side-effects’. Neither does the document state that they are.

They call them what they are: “The company’s AESI list takes into consideration the lists of AESIs from the following expert groups and regulatory authorities: Brighton Collaboration (SPEAC), ACCESS protocol, US CDC (preliminary list of AESI for VAERS surveillance), MHRA (unpublished guideline). The AESI terms are incorporated into a TME list and include events of interest due to their association with severe COVID-19 and events of interest for vaccines in general. The AESI list is comprised of MedDRA PTs, HLTs, HLGTs or MedDRA SMQs and can be changed as appropriate based on the evolving safety profile of the vaccine.”

The White Rose UK posted a link to the Canadian Covid group’s excellent work here: https://thewhiterose.uk/canadian-covid-care-alliance-the-inoculations-should-be-withdrawn-immediately/ back in December. That contains data referenced from the document in question, but doesn’t dive deeply into the meat of the side effects. It does highlight the dangers known and observed fatality number.
I believe this document should have rocked the nation at the time it was released. All those claiming the jab was safe should have looked at this proof that they knew that it wasn’t.

The Pfizer document has become widely reported recently, but was available since November 2021. The erroneous ‘side effects’ claims are likely to damage the credibility of the counter-narrative movement. Interesting that it’s being publicised now – more distraction from the actual data, in a time when they are trying to give people the impression that it’s all behind us.

(Comments by Ivan Fraser)

View the full Pfizer report: pfizer-doc-5.3.6-postmarketing-experience