Piers on the Prankster Video

Sloane Square open air cafe, Friday afternoon

Piers Corbyn meets a would-be donor from a restaurant chain and assistant who wants to support Piers’ campaigning and weather business. Piers tells them about the latest campaign against vax passports and that any donations have to be unconditional. They agree and show some cash going into a packet.

A Sloane Ranger woman then rushes up for a pic which we suspect was a distraction for a packet switch. The donor then says his business invests in AstraZenica and he feels guilty and confirms there are no conditions. When leaving the assistant seems to imply he might like conditions.

This was odd but the main guy had agreed no conditions so I ignored it. Later I found the packet was Monopoly money! Clearly they were hoping to frame me. Of course they might misquote or half quote me but I remained and remain clear we don’t accept funding with conditions and oppose all the covid vax programmes and vax passporting.

STATEMENT UPDATE: After release of video by the scammers

The video has been very heavily edited with dishonest commentary and leaves out my repeated statements that anything we accept has to be unconditional. It is false that I agreed any change in policy whatsoever and I stated to these imposters that all Covid vaccines are dangerous and we weren’t changing any of our views against vaccines and vaccine passporting. The video starts off with a false claim. The emails they sent said nothing at all about the interests of these gentleman. This was only revealed at the meeting. He claimed he made his money from a restaurant chain and later said he had an investment in a vaccine company which made him feel guilty and he wanted to give a gift because of his feelings of guilt. I agreed nothing about limiting or changing what we have been and will continue to say about the various Covid vaccines.

Source: stopnewnormal.net