Plan A or Plan B

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Alex Thomson with Wednesday’s UK Column News.

00:29 – Plan A or Plan B

11:07 – The Booster Program

15:15 – Testing the Test Kit

27:24 – Stabilising The Code

30:20 – UK Column Viewers Email

31:37 – Michigan State Vaccine Tyranny Questioned

33:32 – North Carolina Hospitals Consider Terror Propaganda Campaign

39:32 – Vaccination And Fertility

42:38 – Opposing Religious Exemption for the Vaccine

48:26 – Petition Must Be Debated In Parliament

49:23 – Large Pro Freedom Protests And Questions Asked In Europe

58:19 – It is The International Day of Democracy Apparently

01:09:59 – MSM Propagandise To Support Online Safety Bill

01:17:53 – Three Rotten Eggs

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