Please Stop Vaccinating Your Children!

Infants Who Receive Multiple Vaccines at Once at ‘Exponentially’ Greater Risk of Disease, Developmental Delays

The more vaccines an infant receives at once, the greater the chance the infant will develop an infection, a respiratory illness or developmental delays following their shots, according to a peer-reviewed study published Wednesday in the International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice, and Research.

“If safety signals sounded alarms, the results would be deafening,” lead author Karl Jablonowski, Ph.D., senior research scientist at Children’s Health Defense (CHD), told The Defender. “The sheer number of diseases increases exponentially with every added vaccine.”

Jablonowski and CHD’s Chief Scientific Officer Brian Hooker, Ph.D., analyzed 20 years’ worth of data from 1,542,076 vaccine combinations administered to infants under age 1.

The data, collected from July 1, 1991, to May 31, 2011, came from the publicly available Florida Medicaid Database, which contains more than 460 million billing claims from over 10 million people.

The researchers examined the medical diagnoses given to vaccinated infants within 30 days after vaccination. They excluded diagnoses made on the day the babies received the shots, to eliminate any possible pre-existing conditions. (Read the full article here.)

The Amish are a perfect example (Council of Nice Ears/YT):

‘We can’t find an autistic kid who was unvaccinated.’