Pre-order White Rose Hoodies

We are offering three kinds of hoodies for our supporters to keep warm this autumn. You can view them here: White Rose Products. Pre-order by 20 31 October and receive your order 2 weeks after this date.

There are also a couple of T-shirts left, and if you can’t print out leaflets yourself, we can send you a packet of our White Rose leaflets for free.

By purchasing a hoodie you are helping us with our work! If you want to support the White Rose UK in our fight against the covid tyranny, Agenda21, Agenda 2030, covid passports, vaccine mandates and so on… please consider getting a hoodie or making a donation to the White Rose UK.

Many thanks for your support!

Writing Challenge 2023

What is your optimistic vision of the future? Share your ideas on how to resist the Great Reset and the digital trap and to live a life of freedom. Take part in our new writing challenge and get published: Writing Challenge 2023—How to Avoid Digital Slavery