Primary School Wants Microchips In Students’ Brains

In a recent newsletter (26 May 2022), Preston West, a primary school in Australia, mentioned that they imagine children having microchips in their brains in the next ten years.

In the Principal’s Note, Cheryl Bondeson, head of the school wrote:

In 10 years we imagine education Preston West Primary will:
• Have more buildings and development.
• Technological advances for teachers and students. Far more learning will be on a screen.
• Microchips in students brains to promote intelligence and memory.
• More mental health awareness and different styles for learning

In the meantime, all the newsletters have been deleted from the school’s website, but you can still view the newsletter here:

Newsletter Preston West 26-05-2022.

School Newsletter Mentions Microchips In Students Brains (Hugo Talks/Rumble):

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