Prof. Richard Ennos: A Covid Retrospective

David Scott interviews Professor Richard Ennos of the University of Edinburgh, who was amongst the very first to speak out against the Covid lockdown. His stance was based on data and sound reasoning; it was rejected by the Scottish Government.

In this wide-ranging discussion, we cover the evidence that led Richard to speak out, and the subsequent censorship and smears he faced. We examine the culture of fear created in the public by the state propaganda, by the incessant “scientific” scaremongering and by the aggressive policing of any protest or dissent.

In what is effectively a brief retrospective of the entire Covid crisis, Richard and David discuss the initial medical response; the policies affecting care homes; and the issues surrounding data, testing and computer modelling. They then examine the evidence showing the problem of vaccine adverse reactions.

After Norman Fenton, Richard Ennos now becomes the second British professor to tell UK Column that he is ashamed of what academia has become. The overarching theme of the discussion is the failure of academia to speak truth to power, and the continued failure of those in positions of trust and authority to speak honestly despite the collapse of the state’s scientific narrative, the extensive and provable harm created by the policy response to Covid-19, and the immoral nature of what was done to our society. (UK Column/Rumble)

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