Promoters and Supporters of Covid Jabs Should Be in Prison

By Vernon Coleman

I reported recently that drug companies are now making all sorts of mRNA products.

Having proved that the mRNA covid-19 jabs don’t do what they’re supposed to do, and aren’t safe to use, the pharmaceutical industry and the medical establishment are rolling out a zillion more mRNA products.

It’s like a car company making a car that turns out to be lethal and then excitedly producing a huge range of similar models – all having the same deadly flaw.

How often do we have to say it: ‘mRNA products don’t work and aren’t safe’.

And yet people who outwardly appear to have brains still claim that the covid ‘vaccines’ worked.

When Sunak (a twice fined recidivist) sacked Zahawi over his tax affairs, the prime Minister claimed that the former Chancellor’s role in pushing the now discredited jabs ‘saved many lives’. I’d like to see his evidence for that.

And in his reply the now discredited Zahawi (and former Vaccines Minister) repeated the nonsense, and built upon it, claiming that the discredited covid jabs ‘saved huge numbers of lives’. I’d like to see Zahawi’s evidence for that, too. I’d trust him to do my accounts before I’d trust his opinion on the covid jabs.

Neither of them seems aware that the evidence shows that the covid jabs have done a massive amount of harm and no good at all. The damned covid jabs are, in my view, too dangerous to use as landfill.

Amazingly, the Financial Times ran an article by Kate Bingham, in which she claimed that creating mRNA vaccines is ‘potentially game changing’.

Bingham says these new products promise to ‘protect patients against cancer in the same way as mRNA vaccines protect against severe covid-19’.

I found this so extraordinary that I had to read it three times.

But that’s what she said.

Is she really not aware that the vaccine in which she seems to have such faith doesn’t do what they said it would do? Does she really not know that millions of people around the world have died or been injured by these deadly drugs? Or are we living in the Age of the Amazing Coincidence?

Bingham was chairman of the UK Government’s Vaccine Taskforce, is managing partner at something called SV Health Investors and is a venture capitalist. She went to school with Boris Johnson’s kid sister. Bingham is reported to have charged taxpayers £670,000 for eight ‘consultants’ from a PR Agency and was given a Damehood for her work in procuring, manufacturing and distributing covid-19 vaccines. I can’t help thinking it is a pity she didn’t hire some honest doctors to tell her the truth about the crap she was pushing.

I made videos in the autumn of 2020 – before the ‘vaccines’ were introduced – explaining exactly what dangerous side effects the vaccines were going to cause – and how people were going to die. I wonder if she was ever aware of the FDA’s draft working list of possible covid vaccine side effects which was published in October 2020. The list can be viewed here.

If I ruled the world (not very likely I admit) she, and everyone else who worked on, promoted or pushed the covid jabs would be in prison – that includes Whitty, Zahawi, Hancock, Fauci, all medical advisors and all those sitting on advisory committees.

And why, by the way, did they make Bingham a Dame? Are they now giving Damehoods out for genocide? It would make as much sense to give that cryptorchid pipsqueak known as Matt Hancock a knighthood. Smarmy Hancock would be out of his depth if he were employed as a lavatory cleaner, a union official or an NHS bureaucrat. Actually, that’s not fair to lavatory cleaners – they do essential difficult work compared to union officials or NHS bureaucrats. Hancock would be over-rewarded if they gave him a Tesco club card.

This sort of nonsense is pervasive as far as covid is concerned. One of the BBC’s go-to ‘experts’ on medical issues and vaccines was and possibly still is a woman called Devi Sridhar who, like Bingham, has probably never removed an appendix or attempted to comfort the parents of a vaccine damaged child. I’ve no doubt that she’s in line for a Damehood too – everyone else has got one.

Meanwhile, doctors who know enough to question the value of vaccines are censored, suppressed, demonised and banned from all mainstream media – the BBC in particular.

No one in public life seems aware that according to a paper in the British Medical Journal, results of a study raised ‘concerns that mRNA vaccines are associated with more harm than initially estimated at the time of emergency authorisation’.

New horror stories about covid appear daily.

Doctors in the US admit they put patients who had positive PCR tests on ventilators even when they didn’t need them. That was as bizarre a way of controlling the rebranded flu as I’ve come across, and it counts as murder since many patients routinely die when put on ventilators. The usual figure is that 30-40% of patients die on ventilators but during the fake pandemic the death rate rose to 50%. Up to 70% of covid-19 deaths were due to ventilators.

It’s important to remember that US hospitals received huge fees ($48,000) for ‘diagnosing’ patients as having covid-19 (even if they didn’t). The biggest fees were handed out when hospital staff put patients on ventilators – whether they needed them or not. This was (and is) just another way of killing people.

All the doctors who did this seem to have forgotten that the traditional, basic principle of medical care is that you treat your patients the way you would like your family to be treated.

Right at the beginning of the covid fraud (three years ago) I suggested that when vaccines were introduced, the authorities should do a proper clinical trial by giving the new jab to 20,000 healthy individuals and then comparing the health of those vaccinated individuals with 20,000 similar individuals who hadn’t been vaccinated. That’s how you do a proper, simple clinical trial. I repeatedly suggested this. And the proposal was repeatedly ignored. (Just as the authorities have steadfastly refused to debate with me – for three years – because they knew they’d lose the debate and look stupid. Decades ago I used to debate vaccination regularly on TV and radio – and never lost a debate.)

I now believe that the fake pandemic and the covid-19 jabbing phenomenon were (like global warming and recycling) introduced to make people compliant, frightened and subservient – ready for World War III and the Great Reset.

And the vaccines had an extra purpose. Those who have been jabbed will have buggered up immune systems and won’t last a minute if/when there is a nuclear war and they become contaminated.

I seriously suspect that despite all the censorship and threats, there are now more medical doctors in the world who think the mRNA vaccines should be withdrawn than think they are still suitable for use.

In the UK, the National Health Service officially says that serious side effects are very rare but that is clearly not true.

And yet there has still not been any proper analysis or recognition of the overwhelming statistical and anecdotal evidence which shows that these vaccines should have never been introduced.

Governments and mainstream media all have their heads firmly in the sand and struggle constantly to explain the epidemic of death now clearly correlated with the ‘vaccine’ roll out.

Here’s another piece of serious, anecdotal evidence to add to the growing mass of evidence available.

I went to our local copy shop to get some work done. They said there would be a delay because they were very busy. Out of curiosity I asked what was keeping them so busy.

‘Funeral notices,’ said the woman at the counter. ‘We’re printing far more funeral notices than usual.’