Questions You Should Ask Your Doctor Before Getting a Covid Jab

Questions composed by Emanuel E. Garcia, MD

Dear ….

Thank you for your message regarding an upcoming invitation to receive the Pfizer COVID injection. To help inform my decision about accepting this invitation, I would like you to provide me with the following information:

1. A comprehensive list of all of the ingredients in the Pfizer injection
2. Comprehensive information about the potential benefits of the Pfizer agent — will getting this agent prevent my contracting COVID or transmitting COVID? Will it have any effect on my immune response to the flu or other common respiratory viruses?
3. What are the potential adverse reactions to the Pfizer agent? How many people worldwide and in New Zealand have reported adverse reactions, how many of these have been major, and how many people have died? I personally know of a physician colleague who suffered a life-threatening reaction after having received the first Pfizer dose. I also know of a nurse in our region who spent three weeks in bed after the second dose.
4. What are the medical contraindications to the Pfizer injection?
5. How does the Pfizer injection differ from the vaccines I have received in the past?
6. What happens to the mRNA that is injected into a person? Where does it go and how long does it stay within the body?
7. Where does the spike protein travel within the body — does it cross the blood-brain barrier? Can the spike protein cause damage on its own? Can this protein trigger an autoimmune response towards vital organs? Is it linked to blood clots? Can the spike protein be eliminated thoroughly and safely from the body?
8. What happens to the lipid nanoparticles that appear to be a part of the Pfizer agent? Where do they travel within the body? What are the potential adverse effects of having these particles within the body? Can they be eliminated?
9. Who will assume liability if I develop an adverse reaction? Pfizer? The government? My employer? You?
10. I understand that the Pfizer injection is only authorised under provisional consent — so that questions of long-term efficacy and safety have not yet been answered – am I correct in this? If so, do you believe, as my doctor, that I should receive this agent without such data available?
11. If I contract COVID after having received the Pfizer agent, how would you treat me?
12. Are you aware of early treatment protocols for COVID, such as Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, zinc, steroids, and other medications? Would you be willing to prescribe these agents if I were to contract COVID?
13. If I have no symptoms of a respiratory virus, do you believe I can infect others, and if so, how?
14. How dangerous is COVID compared to other common respiratory viruses such as the flu? Can you provide me with some epidemiologic data?
15. I will assume you are aware of the New Zealand Bill of Rights and the Nuremberg Code, which stipulate that a person has a right to refuse medical interventions. Even if a COVID vaccine is developed and fully approved, will you respect my right to decline an invitation to receive it?

I look forward to your response.


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