Real and Healthy Food Vs Fake Food

Cancer burgers are not for me! Today I am looking at the hidden benefit of real food, not the evil cancer burgers grown in a lab from people like Bill Gates. (Richard Vobes/YT)

A few things you can do to eat healthy and avoid junk food and stop supporting the corrupt Big Food industry:

  • Buy from small farm shops, farm markets and local non-chain, small retail shops
  • or go online and order organic veggie, fruit and meat boxes and dairy products from small retailer
  • Avoid fast food and other junk food
  • Avoid all the big food brands with all the poison and nonsense in their products
  • Cook yourself or with your family, and take time to enjoy your own meal
  • Grow your own veggies and fruit. Start off with growing a couple of herbs (chives, sage, peppermint…) to add to your meals or brew your own tea
  • Avoid the big chain shops, especially when they force you to pay by card, while scanning your face and making you trackable. Boycott them once and for all.

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