Rebel Team Reflects on 3 Days of Chasing Down Globalists

After three days chasing down the politicians, business leaders, celebrities and other influential individuals at the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting, our Rebel News team in Davos, Switzerland took a moment to reflect on what they’ve experienced so far.

Hosting the discussion, Rebel Chief Australian Correspondent Avi Yemini first heard the thoughts from U.K. reporter Lewis Brackpool.

Looking at the bright side, Brackpool said “This year’s narrative or theme is all about regaining trust, which paints the picture that people don’t trust them.” You can see a more long-form examination of the World Economic Forum through a Rebel News docuseries, hosted by Lewis Brackpool, at

Independent reporter Savanah Hernandez, who is accompanying our Rebel News team, said that the situation in Davos during the annual meeting is “essentially living in the globalists ideal world. They’re far away from the people, they are pushing all of this digital, central banking, metaverse on us, but are they taking part in that?”

Another independent working with the Rebel team, Sophie Corcoran said “if I had to sum up the last three days, it would be hypocrisy, hypocrisy and a bit more hypocrisy.”

Rebel News USA reporter Jeremy Loffredo followed up on what Brackpool said, saying that after speaking to the WEF attendees “I learned how ignorant they are of this fact of why trust trust was lost. Not one time from speaking to all of these attendees that I spoke to did any of these things come up.”

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