Referendum In the United Kingdom to Abolish the Coronavirus Act

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The government as a matter of urgency, to bring to Parliament for approval, legislation to have a referendum on the above subject within a maximum of six months.
It is important for the government and Parliament to enable the public to consent to, or abolish the impositions of this Act and its consequences.

The public deserve the right to have the final say in this Act because of the immense suffering which has been caused by the use of it.
This is especially so because it enables Government Ministers to issue decrees (statutes) without any Parliamentary approval or scrutiny.

There have been lockdowns, restrictions of freedoms and liberties, misuse of the emergency powers, excessive expenditure of public funds, mass testing, vaccine coercion of adults and children, vaccine certifications/passports, quarantine and much more. There has also been damage to the social and economic fabric of society.
Public say is vital.

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