Resist by The White Rose Project*:

‘Resist’ by The White Rose Project—Copyright Jeff Brewer 2021. (TheBoatRawker/Bitchute)

*Incidently, neither this music video nor the ‘White Rose Project’ are associated with The White Rose UK.


You are the Resistance

Trudeau tried to stick me with a needle yesterday
I could see it coming from a mile away
When every politician in the world is bought and paid
To lie and play along with the charade.

But from London to Australia
From France to Italy
They’re throwing off their shackles
And taking to the streets.

We all know they’re traitors
We know all their names
When this game is over
We’ll make the ba*rds pay.

Resist, resist…
Come on, shake your fist
You are the resistance
If you’re listening to this.
The writing’s on the wall
And your name is on the list
If we stand united
Together we can fight it.
Resist, resist, just resist.

Let’s go Brandon…

If you’re waiting for a miracle
To come down from the sky
Buddy, you can kiss it all goodbye.
Our safety is in numbers
It comes down to you and me
We can hang together
Or they’ll hang us separately.

We’ve got them outnumbered
We got Corps d’Esprit
Stand up and be counted
And we’ll have victory.
It’s our hill to die on
Get down off that fence
If our GOD be with us tell me
Who could be against?


They’re coming up behind
You better watch your six
You got my attention, man
I’m starting to get p*
I will not comply
God is on our side.


So, you wanna change the world
Man, I know how you feel
Put a kink in their plan
Put a spoke in their wheel.
If you wanna move the needle
It’s as easy as this:
Don’t do what they say


They’re out of their minds now
They’re coming for the kids
I spit in your eye
I will not comply!

Resist, resist, just resist…