Response to the Consultation on the Data Sharing for Identity Verification Services

To:; Cc: Mr Drew Hendry, MP for Inverness and Nairn 

By Douglas Brodie

I am strongly opposed to the proposals on identity verification. This is yet another example of government overreach, a vaguely-worded slippery slope towards a totalitarian surveillance state.  

The government has lost the trust of the people through its criminal mishandling of Coronavirus, its nonsensical self-harming policies on alleged man-made global warming, its unnecessarily-provoked self-harming war in Ukraine and its deliberate creation of food shortages, all at the bidding of their psychopathic globalist overlords without any consultation or endorsement by the people.  

We saw during the Covid plandemic how digital ids (vaccine passports) were used to control the population, all for a pathogen no more dangerous than ordinary flu to most people. In the UK they were used to ride roughshod over the Nuremburg Code to coerce people into taking the dangerous experimental mRNA injections, even pregnant women and children and even to the extent of “no jab, no job“, and to bar entry to certain venues and to prevent travel abroad, even although it was known that the jabs do not prevent infection or stop transmission. 

In other fascist countries we saw how they were used to bar people from all means of public travel and access to health care and to impose massive fines for non-compliance, with moves threatened to prevent “offenders” from even buying food or leaving their homes. 

The obvious ulterior motive behind these medically-unjustified coercions (which Dr Reiner Fuellmich deduced and made public, see below) has never been admitted. 

Such a digital id scheme allied to the threatened introduction of a Central Bank Digital Currency and a Chinese-style social credit scoring system would complete the digital enslavement of the people, as outlined by Jordan Peterson and Bernie Spofforth.  

We know about the biometrics digital id contract. We know that arch-globalist Tony Blair is pushing this agenda (also here at Davos) which by itself is enough to warn us off these proposals. 

The government has rushed through this “consultation” in just two short months (closes 1st March)  with no publicity and no public debate. Their survey response form which I declined to use is a disgrace of tricksy leading questions – see the overwhelming opposition in the 3,500 comments under this video. Neil Oliver speaks for the people against digital ids in this brilliant monologue. The government will have no moral authority to push through this dystopian scheme if the consultation response is weak – yet see what the treasonous Dutch did.  

We need the government to get off our backs and to stop abusing us. We don’t want our private data shared between all and sundry on the spurious pretext that it is for our own convenience. We need the government to stop lying to us and come clean on their nefarious ulterior motives. We need justice for the abuses that have been committed against us. 

For background, see the extensively-evidenced Reiner Fuellmich court of public opinion trial of Covid-19 Crimes against Humanity with apocryphal closing arguments (transcript here) and my own trial summary. See a selection of my own emails posted online which no politician has had the integrity to respond to: 


Yours faithfully,
Douglas S Brodie, 27 February 2023