Result of Parliament Debate After Petition Against Restrictions for Those who Refuse the Vaccine

The debate took place last Saturday in parliament following a petition with over 300,000 signatures for the prevention of any restrictions for those who refuse a Covid-19 vaccine. During the debate there was a protest at Parliament Square.

A great part of the debate was simply propaganda for the vaccine. As usual, people who are sceptical about the CV19 vaccine were labelled anti-vaxers, and the many experts around the globe, who say that this vaccine is dangerous, were ignored. It was mentioned that the vaccine should not become compulsory, and that they do not encourage businesses to impose restrictions for those who refuse to take the vaccine. But the debate had a clear message, and that was to convince everyone to take the vaccine whilst ridiculing those who don’t choose to. The video received a double amount of dislikes compared to likes, and rightly so.

Watch the debate:

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The petition:

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