Sad Sick Society

Observations by Roy R M McIntosh

Monday evening, just past around 21.15 hrs I was cycling past the Coop on Dalry Road, Edinburgh, when this savage fight took place.

One fella looked like a drunk/junkie and other fella better dressed etc. Boy, did he give the drunk/junkie something to think about. Both were pushing and shoving and trying to hit one another! I think the better dressed fella knew he could handle the other fella, and boy, did he. He went from trying to defend himself and hit hard, and the drunk/junkie went flat on his back cracking his head and the fella was punching down on the fella’s face.

I stopped close to them and shouted: ‘What are you doing?’ as it was clear that the better dressed fella was going to continue.

He said: ‘Do you know what this  *** has done!?’ Never found out. I was concerned that the better dressed fella would do serious damage and then get arrested and what after that?!

I was going to cycle on but it kind of kicked off again, so I saw a man and woman with phones, and they informed me they were filming and trying to phone police.

‘I am sure,’ I said to the couple, ‘that the masks and injections had clearly affected everybody.’ Talk about adverse reactions! There were other people just standing watching.

Suddenly it did kick off again, so I went towards them and one young fella was also near the fracas, but the better dressed fella was going to have a go at him!  I looked over the street and there was by this time more folk just standing like ‘covid ***’, some masked, so I shouted at them: ‘What is wrong with you people? Have the masks damaged all your brains?’

A couple could not look me back, but one other young fella came over and joined us. I said to the fella who was going to be hitting the fella that he was being filmed, but he just said he did not give a * if being filmed, but he wandered away a bit and then came back with hood up! At that point the police siren and lights could be seen. A woman came along and said she had filmed it. At that point I left.

Now, I do not know what caused the fracas, but I see in various parts of Edinburgh/Leith drunks/junkies causing disturbances all the time. What gets done about it? It is getting worse every year, so it looks as if the social workers are keen to keep the jobs going rather than sorting out the problem. I am sure people shall have been killed on many occasions, and it is allowed to continue. Last night could have been a killing!

The fact that people are willing just to stand and watch kind of shows the picture of the killing with DNR/Midazolam/remdesivir by politicians and NHS, and now the killing and maiming by synthetic pathogen injections, and it is because people are just sitting watching it all going on.

Is that the society you want to live in!? A sad sick society?