5th February – Join the Freedom Convoys – UK Locations!

Two major freedom convoys are taking place this Saturday in Scotland and Ireland. Show your support for the drivers from bridges and road sides with flags, freedom banners, picket signs balloons etc.

Both are taking place on the 5th of February.

  • Ireland: Meet up at park centre, Donegall Rd, Belfast, 9.30am
  • Scotland: Meet up at Morrisons Baillieston, Raveswood Rd, Glasgow, 10.30am – Show your support on M8 or A1/M1
  • More Convoy locations: the NORTH: Newcastle, Middlesbrough, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, Chester, Birmingham, London
  • More Convoy locations: the SOUTH: Llandudno, Cardiff, Exeter, Bournemouth
  • Watch the great truckers’ protest in Canada: Passionate Message from Vancouver Man – Trucker Rebellion Canada
  • Find out more location details here: https://timetocometogether.co.uk


Freedom Convoys UK

Freedom Convoy, ScotlandFreedom Convoy, Ireland

Convoy to DC 2022 has just announced American trucker protest from California to DC (Drwelch/Bitchute):

American Truckers say enough! They are hitting the road and headed to Washington D.C., starting in California

“They say they will stay in D.C. until all the Reset Mandates and restrictions are ended. They are giving everyone a heads-up to prepare. From what I gathered this isn’t just about the vax mandates, this is about all the Reset games on our rights, freedoms and nation. They aren’t going to let the deep state rob America of its constitutional right to govern ourselves anymore. They are out to end the tyrannical hammer that is pounding down upon our lives and the lives of our children and families.” From: https://diannemarshallreport.com/convoy-to-dc-2022/

Cities across Canada join the movement (JustinCredibleTV/YT)

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