Worldwide Rally 5.0

Worldwide rally for freedom – for the fifth time!

No vax passports, no forced vaccination, hands off our children! Freedom of speech, freedom of movement!

LONDON: Meet at Speaker’s Corner, Hyde Park 1pm. Nearest Tube station: Marble Arch

More locations in the UK:

  • Birmingham, Chamberlain Square, 1pm
  • Leeds, Town Hall, 1pm
  • Channel Islands, Jersey, 2pm
  • Hull, Queen’s Gardens, 1pm
  • Scotland, Aberdeen, Castlegate, 1pm
  • Oxford, Bonn Square, 1pm
  • Totnes, Rotherfold Square, 12 noon
  • Norwich, Eaton Park, 11am
  • Manchester, Piccadilly Gardens, 1pm

Download and print this leaflet for the event: ‘End the Covid Fraud and Global Genocide Now!’ or get a pack of 100 leaflets here!

Get a Hoodie or T-Shirt for the (next) event!

Please visit this page for more events:

World Wide Rally for Freedom, Novemer 2021

Protest song by StellaQ:

Nurse tells the truth about Ivermectin and how it’s being used in hospitals, to save patients who are vaccinated, while unvaccinated are put on ventilator, which is the wrong treatment for covid. (Heaven Reigns/Brighteon):