School Mum Speaks Out On Covid Masks And Lockdown Risks To Children

This mother speaks of her experience in her fight against mask wearing at school. She has two children in secondary school and sixth form. From doing her research on the subject, she has come across the face mouth – a medical issue arising from wearing masks long term. Dental experts have reported an increase of tooth decay and other issues which can result in future cardiac arrests. This is all additional to the mental issues. Experts in mental health confirm that mental health problems in minors have surged significantly.

Children who do not want to wear the mask, or whose parents are aware of the risk are put under peer pressure, so that a child may prefer to wear a mask than be the odd one out.

This woman has put a lot of effort in informing head teachers and parents, unfortunately without experiencing any support. She says: “The biggest shock is parents not questioning this.”

Schools do what they’re told to by the government. But are those responsible aware that they will all once be held accountable?

Mask wearing forced upon children is physical and mental child abuse. The same for the regular testing for an illness that is no danger to children at all.

Towards the end of her interview she mentions a news report about a court case in Germany which resulted that forcing school children to wear face masks was illegal.