Schools Are Indoctrination – Four Year Old Removed by Police for Not Wearing Mask

In a series of articles we will demonstrate why it may be time to remove your child from public school.

The following video demonstrates how stupid or evil or both schools have become. A four-year-old boy was removed from school by the police for not wearing a mask. (Find out why wearing a mask is harmful here.)

Schools are no longer institutions that provide solid education in a mentally safe environment. Pupils and students aren’t taught to think critically, instead they are being taught what to think.

Their minds are being filled with the purposes of the Agenda 2030. Children at public schools are indoctrinated with LGBT+ propaganda, climate change lies, racist ‘anti-racism’, wokeness and covid nonsense. Why? Because young people are the future of society, and as they don’t possess much life experience, they are easier to manipulate. Hitler and the Nazis knew this too. That’s why they formed the Nazi-Jugend in order to shape the minds of young people according to their sick ideas.

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