Scottish Daily Express Reports On Group of Vaccine Injured

A rare breakthrough report about the covid vaccine injured in a mainstream Scottish newspaper:

Exclusive: The Scottish Vaccine Injury Group sat down with the Scottish Daily Express to discuss their campaign and how they feel let down by the governments who put so much pressure on the population to take the jag.

Scotland’s vaccine injured community say they have been abandoned by the country’s governments and have been left trying to pick up the pieces of their lives by themselves. The Scottish Vaccine Injury Group says many of its 150 members have felt suicidal at the lack of support, with medical professionals dismissive of their concerns.

The Covid vaccine roll out from the end of 2020 was one of the biggest logistical undertakings in British history. Public health bodies have estimated the jags have saved tens of thousands of lives over the past two and half years [it is more likely that these so-called vaccines have saved absolutely no-one’s life, but have instead caused great harm and deaths, many of which are unreported].

But a growing number of people are now coming forward with their stories of having adverse reactions to the vaccine. At least nine deaths in Scotland have been attributed to the Covid vaccines and many others are trying to put their lives together after suffering serious injury.

Read the full story here: Scotland’s vaccine injured feel ‘abandoned’ with many feeling suicidal due to their illness

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