Scottish Newspaper Asks Readers If Covid Internment Camps Should be Introduced

Could you ever have imagined being confronted by questions like this during your lifetime?

One of Scotland’s largest newspapers, The Daily Record, has asked its readers if the country should follow Australia’s example by introducing covid internment camps. The question was posted on the Daily Record’s Facebook page. The post is now further down in the timeline, and only accessible if you’re logged into Facebook.

Daily Record is another mainstream media outlet that promotes covid vaccines along with the entire covid narrative that has deceived British people by the millions—the biggest fraud in history. Mainstream media is controlled by the government and financed by billionaires who are profiting from the vaccine industry, such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Last month Daily Record also published an article about a poll which showed that one in three would support the unvaccinated being forced into lockdown.

Are these feelers of what we can expect in the near future?

Carl Vernon: Camps in Scotland

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