Second Class Citizenship In Austria – Interview With Alexander Tschugguel

A well-known Catholic convert and pro-life activist, Tschugguel is famous both for having tipped into the Tiber a series of “Pachamama” statuettes that had been on display in a nearby church during the Amazon Synod and for his many actions in defense of traditional Catholic teaching.

The young Austrian told LifeSiteNews that if the mandatory covid jab legislation is approved in his country, he will not get the inoculations but “resist, resist, resist.”

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LifeSiteNews: The news from Austria is not good: you are a second-rate citizen right now. Would you tell us about that?

Alexander Tschugguel: First of all, being a second-rate citizen is an unknown feeling and an unknown experience for me and my kind, but I think one gets to experience some very nice things as well, as I found out that I’m … not the only one. My whole circle of friends, lots of people from my family, my best friends, their families and so on, are all on our side – [including] the ones … who are vaccinated. As this is such an outrageous terror which is being pushed on us, many people understand that it is wrong.

What rules were implemented? [For] one week, we [have been] second class citizens because there was a lockdown introduced only for the unvaccinated. [For] two weeks … we … have already been second-class citizens, as you were not allowed to go into restaurants if you were unvaccinated. And now the government [has] published the new rules saying that there will be a lockdown for everybody, starting on Monday, followed by the introduction of an obligation to get yourself vaccinated [by] the last day of January. So, from the first of February, there will be obligatory [vaccination] in Austria if we don’t do anything against this. We still can: we have to raise our voice, we have to fight against this as strongly as possible, and that’s the reason why I will join a huge demonstration organized by a big bunch of different organizations tomorrow [this Saturday] in Vienna at 12 o’clock.

LSN: You’re not allowed to go into restaurants, but I believe you’re not even allowed to go out, and you’re only allowed to do shopping that is considered essential.

AT: Yes. So, for example, Christmas presents: we won’t be able to buy Christmas presents officially this year. One could say this is a first world problem, I know, but just imagine the situation: there’s a lockdown for the unvaccinated, there are people going in and out of the shops, but no unvaccinated people anymore, so all the people inside those shop lose contact with all those people, and therefore the situation will only get more radical. These are the rules: we have to stay at home [and] we are only allowed to go to essential things. We are still allowed to go to Holy Mass which is for me, as you can imagine, the most important…

LSN: Yes, I wanted to ask you that. Indeed!

AT: But we are not allowed to visit our family anymore. We have to choose one person; we can visit one person.

LSN: How is all this controlled by the police? Are there police checks, many or few, or can you just try to get around the rules?

AT: There are lots of police checks. Unfortunately, the police checked from the first day, with additional people working for them: they even hired some non-policemen to help them check all of those things, and the fines are incredibly high. The old fines for breaking the lockdown were 500 euro, now it’s 1500 euro [c. $1693 US]. So, they tripled. The average income in Austria is less than 2,000 euro [c. $2257 US], so this is about one average monthly income for a normal working man – that’s obviously before paying rent and so on, so it’s not affordable for [most] people.

LSN: I believe that about a third of Austrian adults are not vaccinated.

AT: About 2 million people in Austria are locked in right now.

LSN: Are there people who cheat, who have falsified vaccine certificates?

AT: [There] might be, but I don’t know… What I know is that doctors are also checked quite harshly. For example, if you have asthma, and therefore are not allowed, normally, to have a mask, the doctor writes you a certificate saying you have asthma and shouldn’t wear a mask. Then the doctor will probably face trial within a few days and probably lose his license. They don’t care about health. They use health as an excuse: this has nothing to do with health.

For example, they said we need the vaccine because the vaccine creates the antibodies, and that’s what we need. But right now, a test which shows how many antibodies you have is not allowed.

LSN: And it’s the same in the whole world, actually.

AT: That’s it!

LSN: You are now moving towards a mandatory vaccine. Did I understand correctly that the law must be changed in order to do that?

AT: Yes. The question is that there are already some decisions of the European Courts. It was about some Czech case for forced vaccination of children [with] I don’t know which vaccine – not [for] Corona – and they now use this decision and will build a new kind of legal structure around this, but it’s not in place yet. So, I don’t know how they will try to implement it. Actually, as it is against our Constitution in general, I think they will have to work their way around the Constitution a little bit. But I’m not a lawyer, so I can’t explain to you exactly how they will implement it.

LSN: Does the fact that your former Chancellor [Sebastian Kurz] was forced to step down have some kind of relationship with this?

AT: The Chancellor was exactly of the same kind as [the] Chancellor we have right now. So, that’s not really a difference… but there is one big difference. The former Chancellor, Sebastian Kurz, even though I really do not like him… He introduced homosexual marriage, he introduced all the first lockdowns and so on, he introduced all the laws which they use right now to separate us, but Sebastian Kurtz was someone who was legally elected by the people, so he still had to argue in front of the people. He had to explain to his own voters why he did certain things.

The Chancellor we have right now, Alexander Schallenberg, was never elected by the people. So, he [has no accountability]. I think that influences his way of doing politics very much.

LSN: Why are you opposed to the so-called vaccine?

AT: First of all, if we talk about the vaccines which are the ones you can take right now in Austria, all of them are connected with abortion, all of them. That is something I do not want to ignore here, and I know that many people who do not fight the anti-abortion fight do not really understand this argument, but if you [are aware of] the whole industry behind it, you can’t support a medication, a vaccine, which is based on this terrible children-killing industry; it’s not possible.

Secondly, the vaccine does not work in the way they promised us. We just published on the St. Boniface Institute homepage a new paper on why the promises they gave us were not [kept] and why they were … broken. You can just look it up on our homepage, and you will find some additional information there.

The vaccine has some quite severe side effects. I’ll give you one very good example. A few months ago, the 6-month study of Pfizer was published, where you could go through the vaccination study, and they found out that at the date they published, obviously the vaccine was great and it worked and it was so fantastic…but this put aside the very interesting thing was that the tested groups were obviously, as in every study, separated in placebo groups and the groups who got the real medication. The ones that got the real medication had a five times higher fatality in heart diseases: five times, that’s huge. And we see all over the world, wherever good statistics exist, excess mortality among young people: people who are vaccinated at younger than 45. They suddenly die more and more from different causes.

Just today I read an article which summed up three statistics of three Western European countries saying that this is a huge problem, and it is only among the vaccinated. And as you know, we are not allowed to talk about this. If you talk about this, you are called a conspiracy theorist. But I’ll tell you something about this insult: every so-called conspiracy theory we had last year became truth. Every single one.

LSN: In our own personal circle here in France, including friends and acquaintances of friends, we know of several dozen deaths. This morning I heard about a girl who is fourteen. She got the Pfizer vaccine, and then got COVID and had to go to hospital and is now under respiratory assistance.

AT: That’s typical.

LSN: Yes, but there is an argument, which you must have heard in circles to which we are close, that we must do this for the common good. What would you answer?

AT: Yes! I’ve heard that argument very often, unfortunately.

Okay, perfect. Let’s try to act as if this would be a real thing: getting yourself vaccinated for the common good. Is it good for the common good that a vaccine is pushed upon us by force, [a vaccine] which does not work in the way they promised – so we see the [rate of] incidence go up and up and up – and people die from the vaccines—they can’t hide this, is this really an aspect of the common good? That’s my first question.

The second question is: since when does a government which introduces euthanasia, abortion, homosexual marriage, and so on have the moral legitimacy to force us to do something which is so much against our own free will and free understanding of things in our own conscience? That’s something I can’t really accept.

Since when can someone push me into doing something which is definitely bad, separates me from my family, separates me from my Church, from my faith, from the altar, separates me from everything I want to do, and separates me also from my own moral understanding – as I said, [these] vaccinations are deeply connected with abortion. Since when do I have to accept this?

I can understand there is a little argument saying: “Someone who can’t fight, and who has to get himself vaccinated, is he really a great sinner?” Well, obviously this is an argument that anyone can [follow]: obviously some people will be under pressure and, as you know, if someone pressures you to do something, and so it’s not your free position anymore. Obviously, there can’t be a sin behind [your action].

Well, that [argument is] clear, but that’s not our situation. We are not in this situation. We have the numbers of the Corona [jab] deaths. We have the numbers of the severe side effects. We have the numbers. We know which aborted baby cell lines they used in creating the vaccines. This [argument above] does not apply to our situation at all. Our situation is a completely different one.

Second, since when do we have to ignore the obvious connection between this introduction of forced vaccination in Austria to, for example, other plans like the introduction of the digital identity in the European Union, which will force us to have an identity connected to a bank account and all those things?

[It’s] in the European Union’s official plan—it’s on the Commission’s homepage, you can find it yourself. Just Google it. You will find that it says one of the levers we will use to push the people into having this digital identity is the green passport. Since when should I stop thinking, stop using my common sense, stop using my knowledge, my political knowledge – and my activist knowledge, in my case. Since when should I stop using it?

And now comes the even more important part: since when should I stop being a Catholic? As a Catholic, I know when the state has the right to ask me for something and when it doesn’t. We are not allowed to sacrifice one cone of incense to the New World Order. We are not allowed to do this, and we know it. And the Catholic Church teaches us this, and we know it from history: look at the Third Reich in Germany. There were a few good bishops, but only one of them is really famous: it’s Cardinal Galen. He was the only one who really resisted. Back then, his fellow bishops told him, ‘Don’t do this. Be quiet.’ We’re experiencing the same here, and I think that people should get ready.

A second piece of information: I know that this whole discussion came up in the traditional circles as well, but please look at Austria right now. Do you really want to have forced vaccinations that separate vaccinated from unvaccinated people? That’s sick.

LSN: You’re having a demonstration this Saturday. But if the worst comes to the worst and there is forced vaccination in Austria, what will you do?

AT: Not get myself vaccinated, resist, resist, resist. Try to protect families. I’m very sure that the first thing they will try to do is go after the family. “Ah, the parents are not vaccinated. Well then, I think we [will] have to check … the children’s health…”

We have to protect families; we have to create circles of protection for them. We have to create circles of support for them: financial support, medical support, support with places where they can live, where they can hide.

I promise you! It sounds like a strange theory – but half a year ago not even I would have believed that it would come so fast. But right now, if you go to Austria, and you look at our law, and if you look at the press conference our Chancellor gave today, you know that this is what we are facing. The more people resist right now, the more people stop joining this whole madness, the better it is for us.

LSN: I think I saw on your Twitter account that you showed a picture of the Gesundheitspass [health pass] of the Nazi era.

AT: I did not post the Nazi Gesundheitspass; someone else did. What is quite interesting is that the Gesundheitspass is exactly what we have to show right now to live a so-called normal life. And not even that: the Gesundheitspass now expires every fourth month, so after four months, you have to get another vaccination, another shot, another shot…

LSN: Do you already have the pass with a renewal?

AT: Yes, this was just introduced on Friday: the new rule will be not six months but four months. So, it’s three times a year officially now.

LSN: This is important for us to know here in France because we still have a bit more freedom, but not much!

AT: The freedom in France can end [any] second.