Serious Safeguarding Concerns Raised for Children and Young People

The following article has been written by a safeguard for all teachers, parents and carers. Please read as a matter of urgency and distribute widely to anyone else carrying any responsibility towards children or young people.

Note: This is a shorter version of the original Safeguarding document which you can find here.

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Serious Safeguarding Concerns Raised for Children and Young People

Serious Safeguarding Concerns have been raised surrounding the three covid-measures that are regularly being undertaken by children both in and out of school environments. Covid-testing; Mask-wearing and; Covid-vaccinations are all now shown to cause significant harm. It is the responsibility of every parent, and duty of every teacher, governor or other person holding professional responsibility, to protect children from harm instead of delivering them towards harm.

Lessons in history have taught us two critical Safeguarding points that need to be considered:

  1. People in positions of power or responsibility sometimes get it wrong or are indeed the perpetrators – and thereby have previously inflicted harm to the general public and children, on mass. Thalidomide is a classic example of this, where foetuses were subject to irreversible damage when pregnant mothers were administered Thalidomide to ease nausea. As a result, thousands of children were born with severe congenital malformations. Thalidomide was advertised as “completely safe”. It was eventually removed from widespread clinical use;

  2. Safeguarding has failed when the ‘unthinkable’ has been cast aside – and it is by failing to even consider the unbelievable that our second lesson must be learnt in order to adequately protect the most vulnerable.

Covid-testing is the first Safeguarding Concern. Repeated physical harm is being caused, firstly through the method of administration (due to the depth and technique of swab intrusion) and secondly, through repetitive poisoning due to the presence of toxic substances on the swab tips. This includes Ethylene Oxide (EO), a known carcinogen. EO is particularly harmful when in, or near, the respiratory tract; when in contact with water or moisture; or with repeated exposure. Each administration of the test is inflicting physical harm. There was a Class I Recall of covid- tests in June 2021; a Class I Recall is defined as “serious adverse health reactions or death.”

Mask-wearing is the second serious Safeguarding Concern. Wearing a mask results in the wearer being forced to breathe in a toxic cocktail, with three types of respiratory poisoning taking place. The first two concerns become prevalent after just 20-30 seconds of putting a mask on: i) Oxygen Depravity results in low Oxygen levels in the body and brain, and is a cause of cancer. The Oxygen breathed in a mask environment is depleted well beyond levels that require Breathing Apparatus; ii) Hazardous Levels of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) are breathed in through masks. Where CO2 readings are consistently higher than 1,500ppm the Government’s Health and Safety Executive (HSE) recommends taking action to improve ventilation. CO2 levels are between 7,000ppm and 8000ppm in a mask. With children, the CO2 toxicity increases as age decreases; iii) Rebreathing Bacteria that should be expelled from the lungs, but instead the bacteria builds up on masks resulting in breathing the bacteria back in. The rebreathing of bacteria causes respiratory infections and Bacterial Pneumonia. When any reasonable duration and regularity of mask-wearing occurs, it is known that each of these methods carry increased risk of death through poisoning.

Covid-vaccinations are the third and most SERIOUS, IMMEDIATE SAFEGUARDING CONCERN for ALL Children and Young People. Most critically, the experimental covid- vaccines carry the most immediate and significant risk of harm due to both immediate and longer term damage being caused to the human body. A significant proportion of this damage is irreversible and carries a high risk of being fatal. The vaccines include a myriad of toxic substances including Aluminium, Graphene Oxide and the Spike Protein. Just a few of the adverse reactions include infertility, blood damage, heart damage, neurological damage, immune system damage and death.

Risk Assessment
When risk assessments are carried out, the actual risks to health of each of the three covid- measures grossly outweigh any potential or perceived benefit. Tests are known to produce high numbers of false positives; masks are as effective as using a tennis net to prevent the movement of mosquitoes and the experimental vaccines do not prevent transmission or contraction of covid. However, each measure carries its own methods of poisoning, each directing harm to the human body. As a result, each measure carries serious Safeguarding concerns for children and young people, as all three measures are forms of Physical Abuse.

If these truly are the facts… why are these facts being hidden from us, and why is the vaccine still being pushed to children? It is both appropriate and critical to note that key promoters of the covid-measures carry strong links and indisputable Conflict of Interest to the pharmaceutical industry, who all profit in some way or other from the covid-vaccine rollout. For example, GP’s earn £22.58 for every child who is covid-vaccinated (£10 more than adults) with no injury liability.

Fortunately, thousands are speaking out regarding the actual risks to health of these safeguarding concerns, raised by ethical and humane professionals around the world, including highly reputable Scientists, Doctors, MP’s and Lawyers. As a result, the truth regarding the risks are emerging. However, there is also an urgent need for people to wake up to the dangers, in order to protect their own children from the irreversible damage that will result from the planned covid- vaccine roll out in schools. The rollout is planned without Parental Consent and is planned without Informed Consent, which is illegal, unlawful, unethical and breaches the Nuremberg Code, which was created to prevent experimentation on people.

Dr Vernon Coleman – life-is-worth-10_IT6qIS8m33gFLdO.html
Anna de Buisseret – Protecting from Harm – The Law is on Our Side –

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We need to actually stop, think and awaken sufficiently to protect children. We are not being told the truth about the pandemic. The question is: will we simply continue to ‘tow the party line’ and ‘follow the narrative of the pharmaceutical industry’ without daring to question, whilst at the same time neglecting our duties of Safeguarding the children within our own care…or are we prepared to think, question independently and stand up to protect children from further harm.


– do not stop the spread of covid
– do not prevent contraction of covid
– do not prevent serious illness – (1% Absolute Risk Reduction of illness)
– produce a greater than 60% chance of INFERTILITY
– Children are 50 TIMES more likely to die of the covid-vaccine than of covid
– the immune system is far superior and carries far superior longevity than the vaccine
– Blood clots, heart defects, Guillain Barre Syndrome, permanent neural damage and numerous other injuries, including death, are examples of real covid-vaccine adverse reactions
– are NOT designed for under *18’s
– are Experimental and carry NO perceived benefit, but DO carry HIGH RISKS to health Continued rollout will never bring about normality, but will deliver more harm

* astrazeneca/information-for-uk-recipients-on-covid-19-vaccine-astrazeneca

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(16th September 2021)