Sesame Street and Peppa Pig Seducing Children into Taking the Vax

Peppa Pig Gets a VaccinationA Peppa Pig paperback entitled ‘Peppa Gets a Vaccination’ was published in late September 2021 – just in time for the roll-out of vaccination in secondary schools, and the discussion in the media about vaccinating even younger children.

The book has received mostly negative ratings.

In the USA, Dr Peter McCollough criticizes Sanja Gupta for seducing children into getting the vaccine on Sesame Street.

There many are more examples than this. Imagine they’d be advertising for cocaine, smoking… or perhaps a dangerous gene therapy, which causes a spike protein to attack the children’s body cells and change their DNA forever…

Can you see the evil behind all this?

Unmask Your Child – a documentary from Covid Revealed: