Should Boris Resign?

The party scandal has been going around the mainstream media for weeks now. The real scandal is not that these politicians had a party, but that they prevented others from leading normal lives and caused unnecessary fear that led to people dying in loneliness.

Of course, this virus was nowhere near as dangerous as they wanted people to believe, and they knew it. That’s why partying was no big deal to them.

Will Boris step down to make way for someone worse? Isn’t the fact that this scandal has been shown repeatedly in MSM a reason to be sceptical? Perhaps this is just another part of the Agenda 2030 game?

Members of the Covid-19 Bereaved Families for Justice group said the Prime Minister must step down, as they praised Ms Gray for ‘telling it like it is’, despite not being able to publish her report in full. (Mirror/YT)

Original video title: Covid bereaved families call for ‘nothing short’ of Boris Johnson’s resignation

Comment by Roy R M McIntosh:

This video gives the people of the country a bit of hope that people shall pay for the evil crimes they have committed.
The fact that main stream media have allowed the Families for Justice a bit of airing is also a shift! But a lot more has to be disclosed.

A. It was not a mistake that elderly were moved from hospitals to care homes and deaths, were all planned. In Scotland June Andrews advised the SNP on that move.

B. DNR (do not resuscitate), and in cases blanket DNR, was used and there is an Amnesty report where it says the elderly were left like lambs to the slaughter.

C. The use of Midazolam and Remdesivir has not been properly mentioned or investigated to find the truth all about that.

D. People getting letters and cold calls from surgeries to ask for DNR to be put on health records. I know of one young person in Scotland where that happened. Also, a surgery in Wales sent out letters but said it was a mistake. The mistake I see here is the mistake of allowing such people to work in a surgery. So how many surgeries in the UK did this, and where did the orders come from as it was not just by chance? Raises the question as to what kind of evil people would give such orders and also carry it out?

E. Then jump forward to the introduction of the synthetic pathogen injections and the maiming and killing started all over again!

F. When you are doing something to people that can maim or kill and carry on, that is criminal and at worst murder!

G. In all of this it becomes clear that doctors must have been falsifying health reports and death certificates and, if that is true, is that not criminal?

H. Now the crown office Scotland has a team allegedly working on the deaths. How long have you been on this?

When you add it all up, not sure how to describe it, but it sure has evil spread all over it!