Sick of Pride Propaganda Flags?

Stop divisive Progress Pride flag displays

Each June, our neighbourhoods are swamped with Pride flags as councils, shops and other businesses signal their support for LGBTQ+ ideology.

It’s time to stop this.

Rainbow flags are bad enough – but ‘Progress Pride’ flags add transgender stripes – a movement that has done untold damage to gender-questioning children in recent years. They also add brown and black stripes, wrongly conflating racial identity with sexual and gender identities.

These flags are particularly offensive, and ugly to boot.

Christian Concern is objecting to a massive display of Progress Pride flags planned for Regent Street in 2024. These divisive, gaudy displays are completely inappropriate for this historic, iconic street at the centre of London. They make everyone who doesn’t support the whole LGBTQ+ agenda feel unwelcome.

There are many good reasons not to allow these displays:

  • They send the message that Christians, and others with historic beliefs about sexuality and gender are not welcome
  • They even cause division amongst the groups they claim to represent, many of whom are concerned about gender ideology
  • They are particularly ugly and not in keeping with the historic character of central London


It’s not just Westminster that flies these divisive flags.

But by signing this petition you are sending a message to councils around the nation that these garish displays should be stopped. (…)

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