Sir Christopher Chope MP Discusses Injection Harm With Hold The Line Spokesperson

Sir Christopher Chope MP Discusses Injection Harm With HTL Spokesperson Roger Guttridge

Sir Christopher Chope MP claims the Government was in denial about covid-19 injection harm and used ‘disinformation campaign’ to encourage take-up of the treatment. He claims the media saw itself as being the spokesperson for that campaign, with some major TV news and broadsheet newspapers making editorial decisions to keep adverse reactions ‘under wraps’. He alleges some seeking help from the NHS for covid injection harm were being ‘ridiculed as having mental health problems’. He says he is speaking out for the ‘forgotten heroes’ of the pandemic who were harmed by the injections after being told they were safe. (Hold the Line/Journalists Against Covid Censorship/Odyssee)

Bill Gates Admits Vaccines Are Used for Human Depopulation (Ola Dabney/Daily Motion):

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