Sorting Recycling Is Playing the Conspirators’ Game

By Dr Vernon Coleman

I reported over 20 years ago that recycling was a scam designed to encourage compliance. Sorting rubbish into different plastic boxes is, like covid-19, a social credit training programme.

Right from the start householders have been encouraged to sort all their rubbish and to rinse out all their bottles and cans with fresh tap water – no one encouraging this seems aware that water is one of the world’s scarcest and most valuable commodities. Recycling has, time and time again, been proved to be completely pointless. Much of the plastic that is carefully collected and sorted and then picked up by vast diesel-consuming lorries. Once collected, the sorted rubbish is exported to China, Turkey, Netherlands and Poland. Much of it is then burnt because it isn’t commercially sensible to try to remove the contaminants and then turn the material into anything useful and saleable. Just why anyone thinks it is `greener’ to use lorries and ships to transport recycling thousands of miles so that it can be burnt than to burn it at home is a mystery. Recycling glass is absurdly inefficient because glass is very heavy and uses up a great deal of diesel when it is transported. Yoghurt pots are made of polypropylene and cannot be turned back into food packaging because of food safety regulations. Collecting food waste in plastic boxes is proving incredibly efficient at attracting rats and enabling them to breed faster and grow bigger. Most communities now have serious problems with rats – thanks to recycling.

In 2022, the media suddenly (and very belatedly) started to run stories about recycled material being dumped after being taken abroad. Confidential papers such as bank statements have been found fluttering around in the street near to dumps.

I suspect that the conspirators are just getting their excuses ready so that councils can stop the expensive, diesel consuming recycling nonsense. Councils are financially stretched and can no longer afford this pointless exercise in compliance training. There will be battles in council chambers between councillors who are aware of the role of the recycling scam in training us to obey and those enlightened councillors who realise (at last) that recycling was never necessary and always a waste of everyone’s time, money and energy.

A friend of mine burns all his rubbish in his garden. He claims that he is being kinder to the environment than anyone who recycles. ‘Their rubbish is collected in a diesel lorry, transported thousands of miles and then burnt,’ he explains. ‘I burn my rubbish here so I do far less damage than the recycling nutters.’

And he’s right.

Defiance – not compliance.