State-Sponsored Killing via Pharmaceutical Intervention

A summary of the plandemic by Tom Penn.

The British Medical Journal (BMJ) has published a senior researcher’s damning account of Pfizer’s autumn 2020 Covid-19 vaccine trials, which blows the whistle on a plethora of poor practices within contract company Ventavia Research Group’s Texas laboratories.

As consequence of chairman and chief executive of Pfizer Albert Bourla’s insistence that trials ‘operate at the speed of science’, regional director for Ventavia Brook Jackson subsequently flagged up multiple concerns which both her employers and the FDA then swiftly ignored, such as poor laboratory management, unreported protocol deviations, mislabelled specimens, lack of follow-up of adverse events, and the targeting by Ventavia of any staff reporting such incidents. Jackson called the FDA on the morning of September 25 with her concerns, and was promptly fired that very afternoon.

Returning to the present day, and  Britain, Mary Ramsay, Head of Immunisation at the UK Health Security Agency (formerly Public Health England) and joint chief editor of their immunisation guide the Green Book, penned a recent blog post for in which she makes the ludicrous claim that the dramatic rise in cases in the vaccinated cohort compared to the unvaccinated, should not be interpreted as evidence of the vaccine’s inefficacy, but rather as consequence of behavioural traits in the vaccinated, whom she alleges are ‘more health conscious and therefore more likely to get tested’, and who ‘behave differently, particularly with regard to social interactions and therefore may have differing levels of exposure to COVID-19.’ Sounds like she may have enlisted SPI-B for that especially lunatic statistical assessment.

According to Ramsay then, the epidemic of reinfection is the fault of the vaccinated: if they would just stop testing themselves and socialising then the issue of inefficacy might just conveniently vanish. Perhaps the militaristic health body to which she belongs may want to desist their encouragement of mass testing then: a policy which employs Covid marshals dressed in full high-vis and wearing masks outside, to hand out boxes of lateral flow tests outside supermarkets as if they were Cadbury’s Milk Tray.

On socialising, well we are all fully appraised now on how the State like to scratch that particularly irritating itch: ban household mixing and gatherings over six, and issue strict social-distancing and work from home orders, in what is the punitive Pfizer-equivalent of a mass-sacking of liberties as collective punishment for the vaccinated cohort’s temerity to question the efficacy of the rushed-through gene-therapy they were nevertheless bullied into receiving.

It appears that at present some of the medical oligarchy who rule the world have now found themselves between a rock and a hard place vis-a-vis the rollout. Without mass-testing there exists no casedemic, and without a casedemic there in turn exists no pandemic. Without an engineered pandemic there exists not the vehicle by which to crush self-determination. Maintain hypochondriacal mass-testing and current levels of faux freedom however, and the casedemic will inconveniently betray the inefficacy of the product the vehicle for the introduction of a universal, health-based identification system critical in turn to the instalment of a single, global Government.

Firing, or targeting for professional retribution all and sundry who speak out against Covid-19 clinical malpractice, as Ventavia via nods from Pfizer and the FDA did with Brook Jackson, is not a sustainable strategy, and arouses too much suspicion of the vaccine long-term, thus reducing uptake. The occasional shot across the bows of ‘snitches’ in the form of a good old sacking however, does indeed take care of business for a time internally, and is therefore a tactic not to be retired entirely.

Rather, it is through the redaction of data and the manipulation of terminology that democracy, liberty, and ultimately lives shall be destroyed, and Her Majesty’s Government are no strangers to the odd rewording here and omission there.

In 1994 they conspired to block the use of the word ‘genocide’ by the U.N, when describing the 100-day slaughter of a million people – by machete – in Rwanda; thus robbing the international community of any obligation to intervene.

Overlay the same tragic scenario onto the British Government’s Covid-19 response – replacing Hutu extremists with Secretaries of State, machetes with needles, and the U.N with the likes of Pfizer and Ofcom – and you are some way towards decoding what is turning out to be state-sponsored killing via pharmaceutical intervention.

Those content to scoff at such comparisons and perhaps label them conspiracy theories, may want to ponder the real life consequences of another sleight of word – that of the difference between with and from – as the Italian Higher Institute of Health have just adjusted the number of deaths ascribed to Covid-19 alone (not the more lethal cocktail of the virus PLUS various comorbidities) down from over 130,000 to under 4,000; revealing to the world that the original justification for crippling and deleterious lockdowns never existed, and therefore neither does this so-called pandemic.