Strong Evidence that Covid ‘Vaccines’ Are Causing AIDS

AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome) is the name used to describe a number of potentially life-threatening infections and illnesses that happen when your immune system has been severely damaged.

People with acquired immune deficiency syndrome are at an increased risk for developing certain cancers and for infections that usually occur only in individuals with a weak immune system.

The Exposé presents a series of strong evidence that the Covid-19 vaccines are causing recipients to develop acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) or a novel condition with similar attributes that can only be described as Covid-19 Vaccine Induced Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (VAIDS). See the full article including charts here.

BBC Mentions that HIV Was Used to Produce Covid Vaccine:

This clip of a BBC documentary describes how the Covid 19 Vaccine is created. They tell about adding a small bit of HIV as a clamp. True horror behind the “Get Tested for HIV” promotion. (Time of Reason/Rumble)

Prince Harry encourages people to get a HIV test (BBC News):

How many coincidences need to happen before something is no longer considered a coincidence?

With the insane news cycle we’ve been hit with over the past two years it’s easy to forget some of what’s happened, but that’s why I am here – I never forget. One piece of news that has been making waves recently is the dramatic increase of AIDS around the world. While this may come as unexpected and worrisome to some, it is in fact something we should have all seen coming.

In April 2020, Luc Montagnier, world renowned virologist, and Nobel prize winner for his discovery of HIV warned the world that the novel coronavirus was not of natural origin and that it was manipulated to include sequences from the HIV virus. Fast forward to current day 2022, with billions of vaccines administered across the world and suddenly, everyone had AIDS.

Oh, and did I mention that same world renowned virologist that tried to warn the world just happened to die this week? So I ask you again, how many coincidences need to happen before something is no longer considered a coincidence? (hankswank68/Rumble)

The PRC test primed the pumps. Now people are already geared to test for HIV/AIDS as often as the goons dictate.
How many will be false positives and lead to people taking deadly medications, or even the deadly vaccine~?
The goons are not finished yet—They have simply taken a proven formula and changed the tack! (Neutralising Political Poison/Rumble)

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It’s been going around social media like crazy, and now the “Fact Checker’s” are involved. I talked about this in Summer 2021, when no one was talking about this. This video has medical practitioners telling you what we are starting to potentially see today… (hankswank68/Rumble)