‘Sudden Deaths’ – Not Only Among Athletes – Musicians Too

How often have we read in the news about sudden and unexpected deaths of well-known people—and what about all the unknown people?

In recent weeks and months, the list of athletes who have collapsed on the field and suffered  heart attacks has grown longer and longer. The number of deaths among pilot has also increased tenfold compared to previous years.

These are not the only groups of people who are dying for ‘unknown’ reasons. Of course, the media does not mention whether they have been single, double or triple jabbed. But the abnormal increase in overall deaths among the working-age people is now too obvious. Doctors and scientists are warning of an increase in myocarditis in young people after the jab. See Oxford study.

Slippedisc, a widely read classical music news website, reports multiple unexpected and sudden deaths of professional musicians who worked in environments where vaccinations are mandatory:

What can you do if you have already been vaccinated?




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Another Young Soccer Player Collapses on Field, Suffers Heart Attack

A 32-year-old professional footballer collapsed on the field during the January 8th match between Al Wakrah and Al Rayyan, with league officials confirming the footballer had suffered a heart attack on the field.

Video captured the moments where 32-year-old Ousmane Coulibaly collapsed late into the first half of the Qatar Stars League match, with medics rushing to the field as the professional footballer could be seen shaking on the ground.