Sudden Deaths

Study from Japan: COVID-19 Vaccines Myocarditis Risk higher than originally thought:

Yet another study, this time in Japan, raises concerns about mRNA COVID-19 vaccine safety signals. Recently posted in the preprint server medRxiv, co-author Rokuro Hama, director of the Japan Institute of Pharmacovigilance, a Japanese post-approval monitoring agency, reports evidence of growing concern. A sophisticated operation, this Japanese group diligently pursued its mission. They report that myocarditis mortality ratios (MMRRs) and their confidence intervals (95%) after receiving the COVID-19 vaccines compared with the general reference population over the past three years were significantly higher not only among the young adult population (highest in the 30s with MMRR of 6.69) but also in the elderly. (TrialSite News/YT)

Pro Jab Radio DJ Sudden Death Live On Air (Hugo Talks/Odysee):

Funeral Director John O’Looney – Update 21/10/2022:

John O’Looney commends healthcare professionals who have been coming forward and speaking out on these deadly MRNA experimental forced injections. (Freedom Matters/Bitchute)

Germany sees huge spike in excess deaths after vaccine rollout, no end in sight to the carnage! (Tim Truth/Bitchute):

US Mortality can be found here: and