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Army Veteran Fined for Silent Prayer: Penalty for ‘Praying for My Son, Who Is Deceased’

Summary A second individual is now facing a penalty for praying in an abortion facility “censorship zone” in Bournemouth Adam Smith-Connor is challenging council fine, which is based on him saying: “I’m praying for my son, who is deceased” “Dear Suella”: ADF UK launch public letter, invite signatures to support freedom of thought in public

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UK’s Thought Police Arrest Woman for Silently Praying Near Abortion Clinic

Woman Arrested for Silently Praying (AllThingsProLife/YT): A woman has been arrested and charged after she told police she “might” be silently praying whilst she was standing on a public street near an abortion clinic in Birmingham. Director of the March For Life UK, Isabel Vaughn-Spruce, was standing near the British Pregnancy Advisory Service clinic in

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