Baby ‘Factory’ in Ukraine?

“These are Baby factories” Ukraine baby bunker exposed! Redacted News: While we are focused on the war, are there other nefarious things happening in Ukraine? Recent reports have emerged from Ukraine over the past few weeks of women kept in under ground bunkers by companies making billions off the of baby farming industry. What is

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The Anti-heterosexist Curriculum

Governments are Grooming our Kids Learn the most guarded secrets of how and why our political parties have been grooming and abusing our youth for decades. There is much more to come. Mr. Hillier exposes the grooming and abuse committed against our children by politicians and the cover-ups committed by their parties. He shines a

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The Grooming in Schools Needs to End!

If you don’t know who you fancy then you’re queer, schools tells children (GBNews/YT): From the comments: Why are parents not kicking back against this absolute sickening rubbish, it’s disgusting. They’re too scared of the backlash unlike our American friends. That school is definitely queer alright. When kids are frightened to go to the toilets

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