Andrew Bridgen

Conflict of Interest – MHRA Has £1.5 Million Contract with Genpact

Andrew Bridgen MP calls for a debate on the Perseus Report and the conflict of interest in the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency £1.5 million contract with Genpact to use artificial intelligence to analyse Yellow Card adverse event reports associated with covid-19 injections when Genpact has long-term contracts with AstraZeneca and Pfizer. (Andrew Bridgen/YT)

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Andrew Bridgen MP: ‘We Are In Danger of Giving Them More Powers’

Andrew Bridgen MP speaks in the debate on the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) pandemic prevention and preparedness treaty and accompanying amendments to the international health regulations, to raise his objections to signing up to treaties that would empower the WHO’s director-general to impose sweeping, legally binding directives on member states overriding UK sovereignty. (Andrew Bridgen

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