Andrew Bridgen

Vote for Andrew Bridgen MP – Long Interview

Resistance GB journalist Will Coleshill speaks in a special episode of The Resistance Podcast with Andrew Bridgen, MP for Northwest Leicestershire until the present election and now independent candidate. (Resistance GB/YT) “Starmer Said He Preferred Davos to Westminster”: Andrew Bridgen discusses Kier Starmer, The Uniparty and the push towards war. (Resistance GB/YT) Excess Deaths Debate

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Excess Deaths Debate with Andrew Bridgen MP – House of Commons – Loud Cheering from Balcony

Excess Deaths Debate: Andrew Bridgen’s MP’s full speech from Parliament, 18 April 2024: Andrew Bridgen MP’s full speech from Excess Deaths debate in Parliament today All MPs should be attending House of Commons debate on Excess Deaths in UK We shut down society over fears of excess deaths What could be more important than getting

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Maria Zeee and Andrew Bridgen on Infowars: MP Calls for Crimes Against Humanity Accountability

UK MP Andrew Bridgen has filed evidence pertaining to Crimes Against Humanity to Met Police, and is calling for maximum accountability for Bill Gates and the COVID criminals. He joins Maria Zeee on Infowars to discuss. (Zee Media/The Alex Jones Show/Banned) Controlled or Free? London Event Excess Deaths: ‘End of Life’ Protocols Discussed with Andrew

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