How They Did It

By Ray Wilson Its another Saturday; not a smidgen of blue-fine drizzle permeates the garage; moisture appears unbidden on the tools; and condensation forms drips down from the steel rafters. What’s the plan, then, Ray?” Rich asks. It’s a very big question. “You and your missus spent a long time on the drive Thursday evening

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mRNA in Animals

mRNA in Animals: Roger Meacock, the gentle vet who roars: As the world has been engulfed in the phenomenon of novel mRNA injections in humans, how many have considered what is happening in the animal kingdom? Are mRNA vaccine platforms being rolled out in animals, as we have been led to believe, and are the

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We Are the Carbon They Want to Remove

By Ray Wilson It’s August Bank Holiday Monday, and the sun is shining and the sky is a different shade of blue. We are heading off to the Ardenrun show ground for the annual agricultural show. The future, a world of 20-minute neighbourhoods and 15-minute cities, is being cooked up by a bunch of psychopathic

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