Birmingham’s No-Prayer Law—the Law That Has to Ask You if You’re Breaking It

UK Column’s policing commentator unpicks the unenforceable nonsense of one of Britain’s new wave of local council Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs), explains the Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates and asks why the Church of England couldn’t care less about criminalised silent prayer. The tyrant state abhors an objective standard to which it is accountable;

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Prospects of the WHO Pandemic Treaty

 In this recent interview on TNT Radio airing on May 19, 2022, host Patrick Henningsen and in-studio guest Basil Valentine discuss the prospects of the seemingly inevitable WHO Pandemic Treaty, joined by special guest, F. William Engdahl, a strategic risk consultant and best-selling author, to breakdown how the globalists at the WHO, and its

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Political Commentator Kate Williams Delivers Covid Truth Bombs on BBC Radio

BBC Radio Scotland presenter Kaye Adams shocked by political commentator Kate Williams delivering Covid-19 truth bombs on the morning show on January 12, 2022. (Journalists Against Covid Censorship/Odysee) Kate Williams is questioned why she’d rather not want to see Boris go, and answers: ‘Who would replace him?’ She also calls him and other politicians a

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