Africa Pharma Terror and Maori Justice Tribunals

Cameroon, Africa: post-Yellow Fever vaccination, a baby went unconscious and “lost use of her limbs before becoming completely blind” with “irreversible brain damage.” The child’s mother joins ‘Good Morning CHD’ to share the heartbreaking details. Following their segment, viewers learn about the pushback from Maori’s grassroots community against medical tyranny. (childrenshealthdefense/Rumble) See also: Maori Vs

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Who Are These Self-Appointed Global Parasites That Hate Humanity So Much and Seek to Destroy Us?

By Ray Wilson All Is One and One Is All I am stiffening my backbone; my mind is concentrated. It’s another early Saturday morning full of mist and mellow fruitfulness. I understand that by witnessing thoughts, feelings, and emotions without attachment or judgement, one can develop mindfulness and awareness, but I am struggling to focus

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Evil Medicine

By Margaret Pearson Our scientific industry is cannibalizing pre-born children by stealing body parts while still alive, transplanting these parts onto mice and thus creating “Humanized Mice” for drug development. Typically, liver, thymus, lung, kidney, and bone marrow are extracted and transplanted to develop various therapeutic drugs. This horrific practice of harvesting organs from the

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