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Gloucestershire Police and Crime Commissioner Candidate Mentions Covid Vax Injury on BBC Radio

Big BBC backfire? Council illegally installed 5G throughout Gloucestershire. (Council Watch – Colchester & Countrywide/Odysee) Vote Matt Randolph for Gloucestershire Police and Crime Commissioner The B&MG Foundation’s donations are in a file called BMGF Grants in the Dropbox resources folder Gloucester Councillors Served Notice on 5G Fraud 5G Masts Are Exposing Us to Unknown Health

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The Mystery Around the Egg Shortage

According to a publication on the National Library of Medicine egg yolk antibodies block the binding of multiple SARS-CoV-2 spike protein (see full text here: Why is there a shortage of eggs? BBC – the main distributor of lies and financed by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (see here) – gives the following

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Now, As Never Before, We Should Distrust ANY Vaccines – National HARM Service (NHS) Still Promoting Death Jab

These comments are from below an article on Daily Sceptic and are worth reading: By Elizabeth Hart Angus [Dr Angus Dalgleish] now recognises the Covid jabs are ‘disastrous’, but in July 2021 he was demanding that millions of young people discard their well-founded concerns about the jabs, and defer to his ‘expert’ unsolicited advice in

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